Theory & Practice

Our partners in industry

Theory and Practice – Scientific and Business Contacts

Nothing else is as important as close tights between the scientific and corporate world. Therefore, it is part of the philosophy of our university to combine theory and practice.

This is also mirrored in our university Stralsunds' slogan:

understanding reality -
- facing challenges -
- creating future -

Participants will be provided with valuable business contacts and employment opportunities. Thus, appointments with international outstanding companies/institutions as well as scientific conferences or workshops enable students to leverage with their master program.

Surely practice orientated classes as well as real projects with our partners (AIDA Cruises) provide the foundation for our participants future professional success. Thus, internationally and professionally experienced lecturers make sure students learn to think strategically and how to cope with the ever-changing challenges of today’s business world. Interactive learning methods (such as discussions, simulations, role-playing, case-studies) and independent study projects with our partners are important tools in achieving a transfer of scientific know-how into practice.

Academic study trips to economic & tourism destinations abroad as well as inside Germany provide possibilities to open new doors to students. These excursions are compulsory parts of the master's degree course.