A first academic degree in Business Studies:
240 ECTS for matriculation in the 2-semester program
210 ECTS for matriculation in the 3-semester program
180 ECTS for matriculation in the 4-semester program


Signed undertaking to pay ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAM COSTS
2,100 EUR in total for academic study trips, appointments with various enterprises, institutions, participation in conferences, fairs, intercultural events [Details]


Secondary school leaving certificate




1 Passport photograph


Copy of identity card/passport


Proof of proficiency in English (B2 Level); TOEFL or equivalents -  [Details]


Exception Proof of English:

  • This regulation does not apply for native speakers or applicants from countries where English is the official language, and graduates of foreign language grammar schools where English is taught as a main subject; and applicants, who mostly successful completed a course of studies which was held in English.
  • Applicants, who spent at least 10 month in English speaking countries, may informally request the individual verification of their language competence for accounting by the University for Applied Sciences Stralsund.

for the 3- and 4 semester program only:
Proof of proficiency in German (C1 Level) -  [Details]


for the 2- and 3 semester program only:
Proof of job experience or an internship in management (at least 12 weeks) 

Relevant experiences gained within a first cycle-degree will be acknowledged. 


All required certificates of study and enrolment needs to be submitted as officially
authenticated copies in English or German.