Greetings from Bali - TDS students spend a semester abroad

After some adventurous first weeks in the beautiful country of Indonesia, we finally settled down in an apartment complex near the University, got a little bit more used to the spicy food and got an understanding of how to survive the crazy traffic.

But we are not the only ones who need to settle down in a whole different world. Since our stay in Bali is based on an exchange between the Udayana University and the FH Stralsund in Germany, five students from Bali will spent the semester in the beautiful city at the Baltic Sea.

We were more than happy to meet three of these students on the 10th of September in the NOOK Restaurant in Seminyak. In the beautiful atmosphere, surrounded by rice terraces we were pleased to answer Aldos, Dewas and Diahs questions about the University and everyday life in Stralsund.

In return they could answer our open questions about the Balinese culture, food and lifestyle. After a delicious dinner and interesting conversations we wished farewell and are now looking forward to meet the Balinese students after their 3 months exchange in January and are excited to hear from their adventures and impressions.

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