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2 semester / 3 semester / 4 semester master's program TDS.
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Look back to Summer term 2017

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  • March 2017: Dr. Stamm (lecture Research Competencies)

  • Visit at Moken in Thailand

  • Thailand: Visit at Phuket University

  • Excursion to Thailand: Nationalpark Koh Surin

  • June 2017: Guest lecture in Strategic Destination Development

  • May 2017: Guest lecture Yield Management

  • Excursion Thailand: in the National park

  • Our master student present: Modul Destination

  • Personal development: Appointment in the forest rope park

  • Excursion to Thailand: Appointment in Medical Wellness in Bangkok

  • Excursion: Appointment in Yaowawit School Lodge

  • Excursion to Thailand: Experiences

  • Team experience in forest rope park

Flyer of the master's course

The students look back to an unique excursion to Vancouver and Whistler/Canada - Video

VancouverVarious different appointments with companies and institutions such as Stantec, Tourism Industry Association of British Columbia, Sport Whistler Legacies or at the Simon Fraser University enabled students to gain an insight into the companies' daily routines as well as to learn about the development of the destination Vancouver from a tourism point of view.

Read more about our academic trip and enjoy our video about the excursion.

The master's degree course Tourism Development Strategies has been accreditated for 5 years.

An accreditation is done in order to give proof that a course of study meets international standards and promotes quality as well as transparency.