Field trips

"Academic excursions are the laboratories
of our international tourism degree courses."

It is our philosophy to combine theory with practice on an ongoing basis. By carrying out academic excursions not only expertise in tourism management as well as chances to enhance the network of our students will be achieved, but also, it is about broadening the students' horizons because of the fact that destinations such as Dubai (UAE) and the Sultanate of Oman were chosen so that intercultural skills will be improved.

The interaction with 20 students also requires a great deal of social skills and team experiences, organizational as well as linguistic competences are trained further. Hence, to take part in academic excursions will also strengthen students' personalities.

Interested in reading more? Here you can learn about the students' experiences gained on excursions: 

Appointment Drägerwerke
Appointment Drägerwerke
December 2016
Kuppel des Deutschen Bundestags, Exkursion 2014
German Bundestag
Berlin 2014
Mailaender Dom
Milan, (Italy)
October 2012


FH Stralsund - Conference
Conference Film and Media Schwerin 
May 2016 
Sri Lanka
May 2014
Gruppe im Waldseilpark Rügen
High-rope activities
Mai 2012


Vancouver (Canada)
March 2016
Exkursionen/Berlin 2013/Brandenburger Tor
October 2013
Berlin, Dezember 2011
December 2011


January 2016
Dankesworte Termin beim Tourismusministerium
Muscat (Oman)
SS 2013
Boston, SS 2011
Boston (USA)
SS 2011


March 2017
Sri Lanka
March 2015
Dubai, SS 2012
Dubai (UAE), Muscat (Oman)
SS 2012
Kanada SS 2010
Toronto, Montreal (Canada)
SS 2010