FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I will recieve my degree certificate after the closing date for submission of applications for the master degree course Tourism Development Strategies. Can I apply regardless?

Yes you can. In this case hand in your latest transcript of records of your current degree course. Additional, make a remark during the online application process when you expect recieving your degree certificate.  We recommend asking your university to deliver your diploma as early as possible. Finally, when you comply all the other requirements, you are required to hand in your degree certificate within a given period of time at the FH Stralsund.

Is an advanced course of English at school sufficient as proof of language skills?

No, we don't accept an advanced course at school. Yet, often during your bachelor studies you reach English skills comparable to level B2. for a valid proof of your language ask your English lecturer to give you an official confirmation that you own this level. If you don't have this opportunity, you have to do an official English test. (e.g. Cambridge First Certificate/TOEFL or similar, see here)

Do I have to pay the program costs in one sum?

No, your payment is made in two instalments. You pay the first instalment after you have received our approval and definitely decide to do the master degree course Tourism Development Studies. The first instalment of € 1,000 is due with your matriculation. 
If you start your studies in September (winter semester), the second instalment (€ 1,100) is due 5 months after the beginning of your studies.
If you start your studies in March (summer semester), the second instalment has to be paid until the end of July.

Can additional courses of my bachelor studies, additional achievements abroad or internships be accredited?

If you wish to have extra courses accredited, your individual case will have to be examined regarding the approval of ECTS points. Especially applicants with 180 ECTS points often have made internships after their bachelor studies. If these practical experiences are of relevance, they can be partly or in total accredited for the 4-semester master degree course.

I have applied at uni-assist and have some queries regarding the note of authorization. Who can I contact?

Please contact US directly if you have any questions.

When can I expect a note of authorization?

When you apply for the winter semester: If you hand in all your application documents already several weeks before the closing date for submission of applications (e.g. in mid-June), you can expect a response of the FH Stralsund until mid-July. If you hand in your application only straight before the July 15th, the notifications are usually send out at the beginning of August. Please apply as early as possible!

A similar procedure can be expected when you apply for the summer semester: If we have your complete application documents long before the closing date for submission of applications, you can expect a timely reply. If you apply at the end of the application period, you will receive an answer until the end of February.

We couldn’t answer your questions? Please tell us your concern. We will answer immediately.