Our master's degree course offers three different ways varying in temporal length.

two-semester master
(required:240 ECTS)
three-semester master
(required:210 ECTS)
(required:180 ECTS)

The choice of your master course depends on the ECTS points you gained during your bachelor study.

Our international tourism degree course is accredited. Lectures are predominantly given in English.

Our lecturers come from home and abroad and contribute a high level of practical experience to the bi-national courses. The students will learn to think from an international perspective.

Academic excursions abroad are a compulsory part of the study. They offer the connection between theory and practice in tourism, strategy and management and likewise underline the international philosophy of the program.

State-of-the-art teaching methods foster capacity for teamwork and performance-linked working. Furthermore, the mixture of theoretical contents accompanied by practical examples is a good representation of the corporate reality.

Best conditions of studying and a small group of students within the master program create a motivating environment.

Interactive lectures, a continuous transfer of knowledge, personal contact to professors and corporate representatives as well as an individual support – to mention just a few more features that make this study extraordinary and allow our students to reach their desired goals in an optimal way.

The modular-structured master's degree course will be finished with the master's thesis either after two, three or four semesters depending on the chosen study.
The students graduate with the degree
Master of Arts (MA).